ALBUM: Wrekonize – Pressure Point

Download Wrekonize Pressure Point Album

Pressure Point is another hit song from Wrekonize. its was released in November 2020.

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1.We’ll Be Waiting For You (Intromercial)
2.The Fallen
3.Be Me
4.Tell Me Your Symptoms (Skit)
5.Lights Off
6.Wits’ End
7.For the Likes
8.The State of the World (Skit)
9.Low Water
10.Sedentary Moments
12.High Water
13.Simple Back Then
15.Separate Yourself (Skit)
17.The Man Under the Bridge
18.Call For My Name
19.A Couple Last Stories (Skit)
20.The Coldest Dish
21.Still Around (Down)
22.Detonate ft. Tech N9ne, Ubi

Stream the hot jam below:


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