Download LACRIM R.I.P.R.O 4 Album

R.I.P.R.O 4 is another hit song from LACRIM. its was released in October 2020.

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1. El Profesor
2. Jacques Chirac
3. Nipsey Hussle (feat. Niska)
4. Végéta
5. Dadinho (feat. Ninho)
6. Raffa & Carlos
7. Boston George (feat. Maes)
8. Picasso
9. Big Meech (feat. Leto)
10. Penelope Cruz
11. Eric Cantona (feat. Jul)
12. Allez n**** ta mère (feat. Soso Maness)
13. Dracula (feat. Sfera Ebbasta & Vladimir Cauchemar)
14. Sam & Driss
15. Zizou
16. Kadyrov (feat. Goulag)
17. Le petit Nicolas

Stream the hot jam below:


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