ALBUM: A$AP ANT – Lil Black Jean Jacket 2 (Ruby Edition)

Download A$AP ANT Lil Black Jean Jacket 2 (Ruby Edition) Album

Lil Black Jean Jacket 2 (Ruby Edition)  is another hit song from A$AP ANT. its was released in December 2020.

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1.Max Contract
2.On My Way To Jummah (feat. LuLu P)
3.Tell My Girl Count It
4.Wish I Could Time Travel (feat. A$aP Twelvyy)
5.Dior Suit Business
6.Cartier AMG
7.Yellow Dragon Fruit (feat. Zombie Juice)
8.Bob Ross (feat. LuLu P & a$aP Twelvyy)
9.Super Bowl Halftime
10.Tekken Tag (feat. Soduh)
11.Tales From the Crypt
12.5 Times a Day (feat. Goonew)
13.VVS Pharmacy
14.Wockanda 8000 (feat. LuLu P)
15.Pete Rose
16.Sunday Night Lights (feat. Baby 9eno)
17.Marino Paris (feat. JMK$)

Stream the hot jam below:


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